Worldwide service, small town prices

Contact Global Tower Contractors LLC for complete tower repairs. From site maintenance, such as building repair, to new build tower erection. We are well respected, top of our industry, professionals who provide fair and honest pricing with impeccable service. We hold numerous certifications and employ seasoned climbers with an owner/general manager with over 23 years' experience, see our License/Certifications page for more details.

Safety is a number one priority with Global Tower Contractors LLC (certifications). We adhere to OSHA standards with a 100% tie-off policy and a 0% drug tolerance policy. 100% adherence to all necessary safety policies, job site safety meetings and weekly safety meeting are among the many ways we insure safety at Global Tower Contractors LLC.

At Global Tower Contractors LLC we strive for excellence and to set a new precedence in the industry for attention to quality and detail. We have a strict Q&A policy that is adhered to by all employees. We have around the clock crews available as necessary, and can provide emergency response services when needed (limited retainer crews are available). As a Licensed Class A Contractor, we are willing to travel worldwide for tower repairs and have a long list of references for our quality work.

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